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Wednesday, July 02, 2003
On the "road map", there seems to be reason for (extremely) cautious optimism. Here's Miftah on the recent meeting between Mahmoud Abbas and Ariel Sharon:
Israeli and Palestinian prime ministers addressed their people on Tuesday and announced their rededication to the peace process, using conciliatory language not heard in three years. Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas and his Israeli counterpart Ariel Sharon met to discuss recent negotiations and agreed to form a high-level committee to discuss key issues dividing the two sides.

In this rare joint appearance, the two leaders praised the accomplishments of the last few days and discussed how to keep building upon them. Their recommitment marked a significant move toward implementing the U.S.-backed ‘roadmap’ to peace. Their main points of discussion included Israel’s release of Palestinian prisoners and claims that both sides incite hatred toward the other.

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Islam Online had an interview a couple weeks ago with Riad Jarjour, during the "Fundamentalism" conference. Their translations (and grasp of Christian theology) are at times a bit squirrelly, but this one seems okay.
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Okay, another hiatus, another apology, but this weblog will now be back to three times a week.

New on the official web site: A schedule of upcoming MECC activities for the next three months.
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